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A user's musings about my favorite service to use for creating free websites.

Okay so lots of people blog about lots of stuff. I know. I am a person who has been using a web service for over 10 years and in this day and age that makes me an expert. So as a resident of a particular web property which I found and which has for many years served my purpose, I chose to write this blog.

First things first. Everyone says they have an easy way to make websites. Here is what easy looks like: 1,2,3 and done. Anything more is not what I am looking for. So below is literally the step-by-step method I use almost daily via If you find yourself having to do more than this, then maybe try something else and see if what I have been doing will work for you.

Step 1.step 1. type a name for your new website.

Step 2.step 2. agree to the terms of service.

Step 3.step 3. click the button, create a free website.

So now that the TUTORIAL is out of the way, read my ramblings below (of course there will be many more techno-dives into this but for an intro that was a heavy as I feel like getting)

So you want to create a website and you don't want to pay for it, right?

Since 2007 there has been no need to learn HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, Network Administration, Database Development or any other website related skills as the entire process can be completed in less than 1 second on a genuine Instant Website Maker. There has not really been a reason to pay expenses if you don't use special features, either. The service I have used since 2007 is a firm believer in the "Freemium Model"; so am I.

The reason this can happen at all is because of Web Design Automation and it is one of the most influential technology trends on the planet since the Content Management System was invented. This has allowed for the explosion of instant do-it-yourself free websites. Today, you can get your business online instantly. You can be ready to show the world your products, services, even your art, in a few seconds from now. You can even sell online with no technical knowledge and no help whatsoever in literally a few moments from this one. The web service I use is called and it delivers ready to go, hosted, eCommerce capable, responsive (mobile ready) websites in about 1 second. They can actually generate unlimited sites at over 250,000 per hour, per server. So I have been using it like the fire button on an old-school joystick, for years. As a matter of fact, If I were in the website selling business I would pay them to stop because obviously they can drop the bottom out of the whole game at anytime. For some reason they have not but the technology is portable and you can get a copy for free, so maybe that is another story. Where was I?

Also, you don't want to have to learn anything or do anything and you want it now, right?

My initial reason was simply that (I actually used another domain but it ran the exact same WDA technology back in the day) was fast, there and free. Back in 2007 there were not choices and although I have tried everything that has come online since, I still use the tried and true. The reason now is that its faster, there, and I prefer you generate my site ready to go so I can post my content ASAP, point my domain and add my Content Delivery Network stuff like a cert (again, more later on this). I am not a webmaster. I am not a coder. I'm a businessman (I no longer need to get everything for free but it's my preference to do so if possible). I like doing business, not coding or web-mastering or learning how to "admin" stuff.

The line here is simple and that is, If I cant jump into your system cold turkey and crank out a website in a few seconds (I'm not saying finish it all, just to make it) then my attention span and Spidey-senses start to make me think that you don't really generate instant websites and I should go find something else to make one that doesn't require a credit card or anything besides my email verification. The Web is full of "great advertising" being done by people with fantastic amounts of money who also want to steal my info to resell it; so, no.

You can't have it if you spend it, right?

I make websites for whatever reason I happen to have in the moment I have it. I do not want to wait or have to get anyone to help me in any way. Installing a security certificate is also on the list of things I don't want to deal with.

If you want to make an appealing website in order to sell a product or service online, you will need to use a secured site (HTTPS) to do it. It is immaterial as to if you run an online business, want to represent your non-profit organization, or publish a respected blog (I am going to try it starting now and welcome to my first ever post). Visitors to your site really want to see that green lock, so make sure you use and that issue is solved. We'll if that were all there was to it then this would be short, so I shall go on.

The security thing is no longer an option. You don't have to buy a custom domain and install your own security certificate however. This too should be instant and automatic since a good service like this one gives you a subdomain URL and its already HTTPS secured. No Green Lock = bad. If you buy a domain, you will rank better however and you can still get a freebie from Cloudflare. Total cost zilch.

-more in the next episode - "So you created a free website, now what do you do?"


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create your professional website for free

Create your professional website for free.

There are a lot of experts and guru types around who will be happy to explain many great and fanciful things about their favorite CMS platform and most of them will hit a valid point eventually in an infinite universe filled with infinite time. I however do not like those odds so I did the research and the user testing of many combinations of things over the last 20 actual calendar years, way before 99.9% of those folks ever heard of "Interwebz". I am here to tell you after 10+ years using sites that run the SoNET Web Engine, that there is no reason to have to pay extreme amounts of money or wait for long periods of time to get the site you want online and have it do what you need, today. That is basically the whole point of this entire site, to spread the gospel of "making websites for free instantly", according to me.

Furthermore anyone who tries to explain away why they only use the most popular CMS or that they only use open source is going to get blown out of the water in ANY area besides the amount of templates available on LPK7. I have used them all and because i am a very practical person, I always come back to what actually works and what is not a support or security or workload nightmare. What other people less experienced or less successful say works, means nothing to me. Sorry for any snow that was trampled above. I hope you feel better honestly. For everyone else there are some excellent tips and tricks to be found all over this blog and more added all the time. There is however no specific order of importance yet as I am new to writing online and have not organized as of yet. I will, do not worry.