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eCommerce is the great equalizer and by the year 2025 will have liberated more people in more places that all wars conducted on the planet to date. LPK7-Instant Websites is a great service that has helped many people including me. I remember working 18 hrs a day/7 days a week for years, trying to get my online empire going and it was hard...very, very hard. Now, I get an idea and in 10 minutes have a domain up with a website and I'm doing my on-page SEO. Unless you use LPK7, there is no way to do this.
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  • andthenshesteppedontheball

    Wednesday, August 29, 2018 2:42:38 AM

    This is an amazing system but it does have some limitations that the free form editors that came after it do not, so lets get that out of the way. Then again if you wanted a free form editor you are much more computer savvy obviously and can webmaster your own site, so you wouldn't even be here in the the first place, lol. I guess I just got at my own comment...bahaha.


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