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by Anonymous

LPK7 Instant Websites, Your Instant website can be used to sell!

So you want to apply the Sales Funnel online but you don't want to pay for an expensive expert to help you build a website right? No problem.

My Instant website can be used to sell online.

The Sales Funnel, depending on who you ask has about 5 phases and in theory, provides a method that can be used to scaffold your thinking, guide your marketing and structure your process if you intend to sell something, anything. Just because you are marketing or selling online changes nothing. Your website however is the only possible way to market, advertise and sell autonomously unless you are in the vending machine business. Let's face it, if you place a quality Cheese Burger vending machine on the corner, you will sell those burgers quickly. Thusly, if your website sells something that is wholly enticing, you're good.

The Awareness Phase is the first step whether you are structuring a marketing campaign on or offline. During this phase you will gain impressions (eyeball views) of your message. This can be done by word of mouth or by producing marketing collateral and placing it in front of potential prospect who may then decide that the information you have made known to them is of importance to them. They may have a problem and you can make them aware of your solution to it as an example. If all goes well and you have enticed the general audience, you may activate a prospect who will then want "more information". Your website (as long as it is available) can act as the ultimate television, radio, magazine or billboard, simultaneously, "in perpetuum". Your properly Search Optimized website will gain "views", even if you do not do eCommerce.

The Interest Phase is the next step psychologically and the one in which the new prospect "reads more" which demonstrates interest in a solution by trying to learn more about it, its necessity and anything else they think will fulfill their desire to quantify their own needs and whether or not your solution can satisfy them. If all goes well the new prospect will become more active in the process and attempt to compare your solution to an alternative one. Your website can present the most detailed explanation of the benefits of your offering.

The Evaluation Phase will now occur and in this part of the sales process and it will include anything from comparing prices, to attempts at price manipulation via price matching request and even try before they buy activities like a "test drive". Your website can show that your solution defeats your competition in an "apples to apples" showdown. You can even advertise your prices against your competitions price for everyone to see. If this all works out in you favor then things will move to negotiations.

The Decision Phase occurs when your prospect is ready to buy and they just need to whip out the money to pay. They only thing standing between you and their business is your ability to close them and that will be based on largely knowing "when to hold and when to fold". Don't talk your way out of the deal and don't do bad business. If the deal is not going to make you any money (profit) after cost, effort AND income taxes then it is not worth it in 99% of occurrences. Savvy and wisdom will tell you when its time to consider the other 1%. Follow those simple rules and most of the time you will close a "good deal". If you have played your cards right, they will hand over the funds and you can solve their "consumer issue". A transaction can now occur. A good website can do wonders for your bottom line by closing sales for you.

The "ringing up" bit - AKA - The Purchase Phase is NOT necessarily the end of the show but most of the time it is the end of the sale. Deposit your gains and repeat this as fast as you can. If all goes well, you and yours will be happy and prosperous. Your website can perform sales at an astounding rate, with every single one of those transactions being done securely IF you use Secure Payment Integrations from the popular processing gateways are available instantly from within your website.


The Re-evaluation phase occurs in cases where a customer needs more or wishes to purchase again. This can cover everything from hitting your drive through for another burger to looking into whether or not to renew contracts that solidify you as solution provider. During this phase of the post sales funnel you may have to revisit ("sweeten the deal") several parts of the overall process. If you effectively solve for the customer need again then its off to repeat business land and maybe even further. :)

The Repeat / Repurchase Phase is self explanatory but what we will cover in another post is not and that is the "referral" / "lead generation" funnel.

by Anonymous

The very simple eCommerce method, using PayPal.

Making a free ecommerce website from can change your life

So you want to sell something online but you don't want to pay for a shopping cart, right?

PayPal was one of Max and Elon's best projects. It works and it's simple just like, so naturally support was added back in 2008 I think. Since then, there has been no need to do anything other than post a picture and description of a "for sale" item onto your website and add buttons for people to pay. Sure the option to add a Merchant Account and all that sort of stuff is obviously available in but if this is your first day as an online storekeeper (most people), you more than likely do not have such an account and you don't want or need one. There is no need to pay for either at this point.

The reason is that you have one single thing to sell or just a few things (not enough to care about a shopping cart, yet). You put all today's eggs into (as far as that particular set of keywords anyway) what is a sure hit is what this website is all about, the one thing, the thing of the day. "Keep it moving" I always say.

By now, if you have either tried it yourself or read enough of this blog, you can see I do not waste time and want obvious, expected, results if at all possible. Once more we revert to the tried and true 1,2,3 method:

The simplest way to handle this is to add your one or few products into your website with a picture, description and payment button. Click the PayPal button in the editor then make sure your PayPal email is correct and fill in the button details. Next, click INSERT. This takes seconds not hours like other services. It has taken seconds for 10 years as far as I know. I am sure 99.999% of ALL Internet users did not know it was that fast, with the right service. If your service is not that fast or easy, then you may want to try